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Many parents find helping their children with study for SQA Highers daunting, and so they don’t do it. Yet the research is very clear: children who discuss their learning at home enjoy a massive benefit to their understanding and to their success.

I want to say how amazing this project is” (S4 parent)

Watch this to find out how thinkfour can connect parents with what they need to know.

can parents help?

Parents can find it challenging to talk to their children about what they are learning or revising. This is because parents can feel detached from what is being learnt at school.

We encourage parents to watch our tutorials, get comfortable with the concepts, and then discuss them with their children. Unpacking complicated ideas at home is very, very beneficial.

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“The education sector has had to pivot quickly and embrace technology as a powerful tool to educate young people. thinkfour is a perfect example of the kind of forward-thinking approach which is required to best engage young people in their education, while combining style and functionality to make sure it remains fun and user-friendly.”

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