Our studio tutorials are carefully-crafted around some very important principles from the science of learning. At thinkfour we combine the talents of expert teachers, film-makers and digital developers to make sure our content has maximum impact.

“the way thinkfour works is brilliant and is so helpful” (S4 pupil)


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the big principles

Every four-minute tutorial is based on the big principles of research about how young people learn most effectively.

We focus only on the challenging gateway principles that you need to progress in each subject (threshold concepts). In our tutorials we use simple diagrams just at the right time to help understanding (dual-coding) and make sure we do not add anything distracting when we want you to think deeply (cognitive loading). We plan our explanations very carefully (direct instruction) and we separate ideas and concepts and then link them together later (chunking). When it is appropriate, we use our presenters to model how to approach a problem (modelling and scaffolding) and we approach difficult ideas from creative directions to help you remember them (analogy and metaphor).

Our resources are online and on-demand (asynchronous learning): they can can be used whenever you need them and as often as you require.

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