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Thinkfour is a place to find tutorials on complicated ideas that you might face in SQA Highers. Simply find the subject that you are interested in and then search for the topic or browse the subject pages. Open a thinkfour user account here to get access to everything for free.

the topics are hard but they r so well explained” (S3 student)

I am in S1 and I LOVE thinkfour!” (S1 student)

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Our video tutorials can be used for revision, as a refresher, or just to pull things together from the classroom. We are not an online school and we do not cover everything – we are just here to help you think through some of the difficult bits.

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Four-minute video tutorials produced by education professionals in our thinkfour studio (use your account to access this content)

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Four-minute video tutorials made and uploaded by our users and then checked by our team

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